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I'll be there in 225...regardless of what happens, this has been such a fun year. LGD!

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Hopefully we get some offensive Game 1 magic, like in 2000 :)

LET'S GO DEVILS!! Can't believe we are here... how sweet it is! To all of you fortunate enough to be at the Rock tonight ENJOY!! Take in the moment! They don't come around nearly enough (even if they come around for us more than most teams) Be loud, be proud, enjoy yourselves! I'll try to make my presence felt at whatever lame North Florida bar I inhabit tonight! GOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS

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oh I think it would be considered bad juju if anyone posts that image of Alyssa Milano in the retro Devils jersey, she is a Kings fan, after all....it's on her site. She used to go when Tony Danza had season tix in the WTB days

just sayin...if anyone does a photo montage

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