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A Devil's Defribilator - Johan Hedberg


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For those of you who think Marty is the reason we were in games 1 and 2, you've obviously been wearing your Marty goggles. He's been good enough, but the Kings haven't challenged him a great deal. Both first goals in each of the first two games were savable, especially the first goal in game 1.

What Marty goggles? He made some huge saves, especially with the glove last night. The only soft goal was the first. He was also one of the few players with any composure in the OT last night. It sucks that he gave up goals in OT, but somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose, and LA generated a bunch of chances.

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Why the hell would you put in Hedberg? Marty has played extremely well in the first two games, and most of the playoffs, save game 3 against the Panthers and Game 5 against the Rags.

No "psychological lift" is needed, nor possible.

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It's documented, Hedberg has never won the cup. This may be his last year in the sport. Plenty of motivation to play hard.

Does Peter DeBoer use Hedberg in game 3 to help "kickstart" the team psychology a bit? Remember Terreri playing 2 games on the road after the Devils were down 2-0 to Boston?

Also, does Sykie and Larsson get a looksie in game 3...?


Different situation...Marty was a rookie that season with minimal playoff experience, and didn't play particularly well those first two games against Boston...and the goalie situation was more 1A-1B that year. He'd also come off that crazy 4OT Game 6 loss and nail-biting Game 7 win over Buffalo...at the time it wouldn't surprise me if he needed a little mental break.

Despite some wanting to kill him over every single goal he gives up these days, the Devils simply need the guys who get paid to put the puck in the net to do just that. It won't be easy...there's a reason Quick has a .947 save% for the playoffs. Clearly a LOT of guys are having trouble getting the puck past this guy right now.

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Zids isn't sitting. He's highly effective in the offensive zone. Yeah his defense is trash most of the time and him trying to stand up Dustin Brown was hilarious, but still...

This. Marty and the d have been good enough. We need to score, and the best way to score against Quick is probably boom hard shots and put in rebounds. We need our best shooters on the points.

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Yes to sykora over Clarkson, Clarkson frustrates me soo much

I agree, but they need Clarkson. Quick gets beaten on ugly goals near the net, especially off of deflections and rebounds, in other words, Clarkson's specialty. If they're going to win, they need Clarkson to start playing like he did in the regular season FAST. I want to get Sykora in, because his shot creates rebounds, but Clarkson, Parise and Zubs all need to be ready to bury them.

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No chance Hedberg starts over Marty...

I would like to see Larsson and/or Tallinder in on D...

Also would not mind seeing Sykora inserted...he got a raw deal and I think he deserves another chance here. We can use his cannon blast of a shot...


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