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please.. it's getting old. I feel like i'm fighting with a psycho girlfriend who picks a fight with me every five minutes over the most miniscule of things. First of all, if you'd read throguh my posts you'd see plenty of postive pumped up things in support of this team. Again, get a life dude. take out your frustrations on the players on the ice who are shiiiting the bed and playing with zero pride. Not on your fellow fans.

You are pumped until the first sign of trouble and then flood the board with your emo outbursts. We get it you think this team that reached the SCF and best two rivals on the way are a bunch of pathetic losers. Thank you.

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They broke hard after the first goal. Terrible officiating hasn't helped. Too bad.

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DevsMan and Slasher need to stop bithcing at each other. seriously. Count your blessings and move one.

Too many guys on here that get their creeds from bumper stickers and "No Fear" t-shirts.

Steps people, steps.

The Devils will win the cup again, just not this year. In fact I'm totally confident that the Devils will return to the SCF before the Kings do.

Trim the fat, sign some folks, give some folks a shot. Work from there.

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