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Stop the Panic


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After a steady decline of almost 10 years, our boys have made it all the way back to the top. Ok-- they're a little nervous out there on the big stage. But so what??? As Churchill said: " this is not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning." Larssen will be ready next year. And guys like Clarky and Zack will have experience in playoff hockey. They've never been good enough to experience high pressure before. If they can grab another worthwhile D man, they can make some noise in the future. Before we trade everyone (as I've seen posted here), remember, we have to get there to win it. We need the top 2-3 lines to get us there. Then, the fourth line can take over for the playoffs :giggle: But in the meanwhile, remember that these guys are human. Even Babe Ruth had barely a .200 average in world series' history. Give them time to build a callouse before you expect them to be hard every game. THIS WAS A GREAT YEAR!!!!!

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I'm going to laugh the faces of the "so-called" fans if we win 4 in a row.

Listen, people are just frustrated now. Everyone here is a "fan" and there's no need to think one is a bigger fan then the next.

Devils in 7

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See I think what Carpathian was saying in his contentious thread was that he just can't muster up a negative vibe.

I can't get negative. I can get grumpy, don't get me wrong -- but not negative.

the kovy injury has me negative going forward (I HATE BACK INJURIES)

sykoras and clarksons goal production are not sustainable (50+ goals there)

our two youngster JJ & Henrique are not natural finishers (nor snipers)

patty is losing it

will zach be back?

so hows everyones day going otherwise LOL

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Rockin my Devils t-shirt to my dentists office. Hes a ranger fan. Kinda stingy with the novacaine though....

Devils in 7, mark my words.

As much as in my heart I want to believe this, I think that it will be virtually impossible to pull off. A lot of "hockey moons" will have to align in order for this to be possible.

1. The Devils will have to win on the road against a very pumped up LA team that can smell the silver cleaner on the Stanley Cup that's nestled in its guilded box.

Where the Devils can help turn the worm a little bit is if, and a big IF, the Kings come with any sort of complacent attitude against the Devs in game 4 that we pounce on it.

2. IF, and only IF, the Devils win game 4, they will have to dominate the play and the scoreboard at the Rock to start putting some doubt in the Kings.

3. IF, game 6 happens to happen, the Devils will have to steal a game on the road via lucky bounces or just solid play.

4. Game 7- anything can happen.

But, I have a better chance of impregnating Jessica Alba on our honeymoon (which means I would have to marry her, and there's a fat chance of that happening too)...

Play for pride boys. Let these guys have to wait to have fun in LA.

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It's good to show faith in your team at a desperate time like this, but there's also nothing wrong with being realistic about our chances at this point.

Doesn't help that the guys wearing the stripes are also wearing the same colors as the Kings (literally and figuratively).

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