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How many home games can you lose in one series? Surely we're taking Game 5! I hope the ending of tonight's game really energizes the team and they come out swinging on Saturday.

The problem was not that they didn't attack, it's that there was no creativity and no real idea of how to solve that defense. In their best games the Devils always found ways to score. So, if the last few minutes of tonight are an indication of anything, things should only get better from now on!

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Who cares about the Calder. Henrique is not a pure goal scorer in my mind, what he brings to the table as a foward is his defensive skills. He is a great 2 way player, he gets his goals, he defintley makes plays with the puck so others can score, and he is extremley solid defensivley. Unforunetly I don't think that gets factored into the rookie of the year, seems purley based on points. But who cares, hes going to be the face of our organization one day imo, and he's clutch as fvck to boot.

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