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One of my students told me they win whenever she watches the game. She fell asleep during games 1-3 (not a real hockey fan). You better believe I have everyone in her class calling her to keep her awake, and have threatened to fail her if she falls asleep. Yay professional ethics.

You get to wear the funny badge for the day.

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This country was founded on the premise that Kings suck! Win this one for the founding fathers and democracy. LETS GO DEVILS!

Devils Score first. Win game 4. Come home....Devils have the momentum-win game 5. LA feels pressure for first time this playoff series to win at home to get it done....choke. Devils win game 6. C

I have butterflies in my stomach. Really nervous about this and I still can't fathom the season is over (not just for us, but for the entire league, lol) if we lose tonight. KEEP IT ALIVE, BOYS!

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Im sick of these games starting way after 8...if it says 8 in the schedule then thats when the puck should hit the ice. Nobody needs keith jones or roenick or pierre or this guy or that guy telling us what we already know

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