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More of the same, so far... It wasn't our worst PP (at least we kept them in their zone, we don't always manage to do that :P), but we still can't get a good shot at Quick. Also, some questionable decisions here and there... passing through multiple Kings players instead of shooting. Tough to believe how bad we are on the powerplay in this series.

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quick is really good, I mean that save just now. That was a prevent save lol. If he doesnt dive out for that its probably in the net.

Yes, he's the best goalie I ever saw in my life. I agree with you. Even the great Patrick Roy wouldn't be worthy to polish his skates. :puke:

Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expected different result...


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"We're doing very well on faceoffs and the offensive zone" now CAN WE GET A DAMN GOAL!!? Good play means nothing if you can't convert!

For that you would need a quality shot on goal. We haven't seen one of those in a couple of weeks...

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what I can't understand is we were able to solve the Panthers, Flyers, and Rangers. But we are clueless as to how to defeat this team. We keep doing the same damn thing over and over with no new results. How many times will they shoot near the blueline and hope for a puck to go in? It's rediculous. Crash the f'ing net!

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