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If we manage to win this game, I hope PDB hears what Milbury and Jones were saying just now: Kovy is on the ice too much. And when he can't play good during that time, it's deflating to the rest of the team.

Not saying Jones and Milbury are geniuses or anything, but I agree with them on that point.

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Kovie can't even turn, useless except for point shots, team playing well though, less mistakes.

It's bad... Kovy had that King all lined up for a huge hit, who was fumbling the puck in their zone on the boards, ... he does a little poke check with the stick. Injury has to be bad.

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Boy, Marty has been sharp. I think our offense looks a little bit better this period, too. We sure could use some puck luck to finally get that first goal in a game for the first time in the series...

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Slasher, they don't have to fly Tony Robbins in, he was at game 3 and probably wouldn't, since he's a kings fan and was hired by McNall in 93 to psych up the kings, for reals...

That's pretty funny. I had no idea.

ugggh, another stupid penalty by Salvador.

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Alright, second intermission, time to regroup. At least they're not losing. So that's good, I guess.

Maybe the Devils are hoping the Kings tire themselves out from shooting the puck too much, and then we go in for the kill? A similar strategy used by Rocky when he fought Mister T. :rolleyes:

And Ali versus Foreman. Rope-a-Dope, haha!

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