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Shoe on the other foot?

Glad Zubs and Clarky aren't flopping around, diving, whining and trying to draw a penalty... staying on their skates and moving. Now the Kings are flopping and trying to draw cheesy penalties.

Hey Adam Oates/PDB... try something DIFFERENT!

The current PP game plan is stenciled on the ice for the Kings.

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No matter what, I'm proud of the effort. They're running on fumes, but they won't quit.

Also, I really want to see Marty play again. The possibility that this could be his last game just dawned on me.

Finally, I think Ray Lewis speaks for all of us for the 3rd period.

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anyone notice the stupid announcers (not doc) were constantly saying the Devils need two guys putting pressure on Quick in front of the net and then when they were doing that, they bitch Carter and someone else were in front of the net and carter should have been back much further to get the rebound?

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shocked we got out of that period without allowing a goal...seemed like the kings were coming close

devils are just about out of gas though

I agree. Getting out of that period without allowing a goal is a victory. Our guys need to find another gear I'm not sure we have (haven't seen it tonight) Bounces have all gone LAs way this series. We need a bounce to go our way. This is it. I say throw the players out there that have shown the best stuff together. Time to reach down inside and find. Elias and Gionta are the only ones I've seen with any jump tonight...maybe get them out there together. Anything.


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shots can go in from teh blue line, look at how many we give up from there. I'm actually most scared of teams when they pass it up to the point and have space to shoot.

Got it. Thanks. Yea, we gave up plenty to the Rangers that way.

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