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You just can't make such a ticky tack call like that in a SCF possible clinching game. You have to let the players decide the game. What a joke. If their is any justice, the Hockey Gods will finally help the Devils this series.

Almost seems like the refs did it to make it up to the kings for that goal because quick whined

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when a ref decides a game of this magnitude, he should be ineligible from refereeing the remaining games (if there are any). What a fukin d-bag to make that kind of call. but then again, the NHL is in love with the Kings so what do you expect. If the Kings win the Cup, I hope they get the NY Jets' curse and never smell success for another 45 years. lol.

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personally I'm thoroughly disgusted with the league this series. ridiculous calls at pivotal moments, not like the Kings need any more help, and the animosity toward the Devils is more obvious that ever. I mean it's just as if the league already sent out only Kings championship merch to stores and is doing everything to ensure they didn't fvck up. Trying to paint the Kings as the little team that could, came in as a #8 seed, destroyed all their opponents and beat the league loathed Devils - payback for not falling down and allowing the Rangers to complete their wet dream series. How dare the Devils think they can compete for the cup in today's NHL! They play a trap! They have no big name talent! No respect since we invaded the territories of two other established teams. If this season is over tonight, I just want to extend a big FVCK YOU to Mr Bettman, the officials who covered our games this series and to the city of Los Angeles. Disgusting. Ok, the Kings actually had a decent team this year, but we should have been better. We have the talent, it's just not here anymore like it was all playoffs. Still, whatever happens now, I'm just happy accepting we had a great turn around season despite all the adversity. Hey, we went from completely missing the playoffs for the first time in 13 years to making it all the way to winning the East. I'd say it was still a HUGE season for us.

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