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Newark bar to watch game 5

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Don't have tickets for game 5, but might go up for the atmosphere saturday and watch the game in one of the bars. Did any one watch game 1 or 2 like this?

I would like one with some other devils fans, but most importantly, I want one that will play the sound during the game! Please don't tell me that 3 bars 15 feet away from the arena aren't doing something for the finals.

I couldn't even get Edison to put the pregame on last Saturday, at least on the tv's I could see. Had to watch motocross. Loft 47 doesn't seem like a spot that would do it. Maybe Brick City? Or Hells kitchen or Bellos?

I'm in South Jersey and my buddy has tickets so me and the wife are gona drive up with them and just hang out. You never know when the next Stanley Cup will be so anyone that doesn't have tixs, come anyway and pre party in Championship Plaza and we'll take over a bar.

Who's in?

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Edison Ale House wouldn't put on the pregame for Game 2? That's crazy. Weren't there a ton of Devils fans there?

I, too, would like to know if there is a good place near the arena to watch the game.

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