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How I Became a Martin Brodeur Fan


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This is the true story of how I became a Martin Brodeur fan. I remember coming into the house one evening after playing hours of street hockey. I picked up the TV remote and started flipping channels when I tuned in to one of his games in progress against the Penguins during his 1991 rookie season, when nobody knew his name and Marty wore blue and white DR equipment and #29 in the Devils' vintage red and green Christmas jersey. He came way out to play the puck by the blue line and passed it to his defenseman. There was a quick turnover and a Penguin tried to flip the puck high over his head and into the net. He skated so fast back to his crease and made a great diving save. It was at this very moment that I said, "Martin Brodeur will be the greatest goalie in NHL history someday." And I was right. It brings chills to me every time I hold my PSA Gem Mint 10 Score 1990-91 Canadian #439 rookie card of him, knowing that here he is many years later as the best goalie to ever play the game, after I called it as a boy. He never gives up on the puck. He's so calm under pressure. He's the most exciting goalie to watch. His superior puckhandling allows him to hit a teammate with a pass in the Neutral Zone to create a scoring chance other goalies cannot. And as I learned from reading my signed copy of his book, "Brodeur: Beyond the Crease," he's the smartest goalie accepting less money so the Devils have more money to spend on the team.

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