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GDT Game 5: LA Queens @ NJ Devils


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This is my first GDT, so let's hope I have some luck.

Our backs are against the wall, but our boys have dealt with adversity all season long. Tonight shouldn't be any exception. Let's show LA we're better than the Canucks, Blues, and Coyotes and make home ice an advantage.

We need to hit them every chance we get, punish Quick, and show them that you can't kill the motherfvcking New Jersey Devils, especially on their ice.

Our boys have made us proud all season. I expect the same tonight, and on Monday, all the pressure will be on LA in their building.

I posted this on the last GDT, but let the Devils follow the words of another, great, undersized New Jerseyan, and prove once and for all that brains and balls matter more than size.


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No handshakes tonight fellas.

Unless you're shaking Marty's hand for another shutout.

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Lets go boys!! Bring it tonight, give it all you have, and play smart. Please win tonight, please!! if we do, its a completely different series. Everyone step up, and play your game, play aggressively and lets get a win.

LGD!!! :cheers: :cheers:

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