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GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

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This is going to be a long post. First off, congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings. They showed the world that it doesn't matter how you get in but how you play once the first puck is dropped. They played unbelievably from the first round to the Final. The Devils just woke up and start winning a game too late.

The Bernier call: Absolute bull ****. In the first ten minutes of an elimination game in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals your going to handicap a team on a 5 minute major and eject a player on an extremely borderline hit? Are you ****ing kidding me? I'm not blaming why we lost the series on the refs but they gave the Devils no chance in this game.

Bernier was doing his job forechecking and hitting and he was finishing a check. Every game defensemen go back to retrieve the puck pass and take the hit from the side. Scuderi in the last second turned PUTTING HIMSELF in the vulnerable position to be bloodied and potentially hurt but WE get penalized.

The refs need to know what the situation is in the game. Don't tell me I'm making excuses on why the Devils lost. That call was truly brutal and horrifying. With every year that passes it seems players can do less and less without getting a pe:nalty. These refs ****ed up big time, so heres a big **** you NHL.

Berniers Future: Bring him back. I applaud him for his work ethic and forechecking. He was doing his job. If we are in that situation 10 more times I want him forechecking hard and taking the body like he did. Sometimes **** happens and the ref botched a call and Scuderi turned into it.

Volchenkov/ref pick: Alright, so the linemen is off the board and he takes Volchenkov out of the rush completely. This allows for the Kings to set up and eventually score. This is another example of the refs making their impact felt yet again. After the shot the whistle needs to be blown. So frustrating.

The rest of the game: I'll try to keep this short. We killed off Volchenkovs penalty early and were looking good and energized. Then we know what happened which changed the game.

Who to applaud and who to blame: I applaud every one that was on the team during this run. I blame NO ONE. It truly has been a great year!

Our future: Our captain and starting goalie are slated to be UFA's. In this situation 29 other teams fan bases would be worried. I am not though. I'm confident in Lou and management to get what needs to be done done.


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i just read an article on the kings' current president of business operations, Luc Robitaille, and how he's finally brought the cup to LA and it reminded me and how i forgot to say that I was in the same elevator as him in game 1 in NJ. my friend and i shook his hand and nobody in the elevator knew who he was. definitely a classy guy.. with an absolute smoke show of a milf on his arm

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