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Get rid of on-ice officials

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Seriously this is garbage.

We lost 6-1. Got a bad call or non call, don't give up three goals on one powerplay. The Kings didn't cry and moan when they had to kill a 5 on 3 pp in game 3. They went ahead and killed the thing and made it look easy at that.

Leave the whining and conspiracy theories to Ranger fans.


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i always hated the linesman and wished crosschecks and pucks upon them. we destroyed one twice last night so that makes me happy.

they have no puck or play understanding and are always on the way of the play. do we really need a frickin guy to tell us offside or not on ice? just have the goal judge type guy sit on the line and hit a light when someone is offside or there is icing or whatever the ref needs consult with.

This is ridiculous. You really think these guys work their way up to the ranks of NHL officials without understanding how to play the game? Sometimes the game is just too fast for them to get out of the way, although Racicot getting in the way of Volchenkov last night was a big snafu and he probably should have seen him coming. I said on here years ago the linesman should be off the ice in a goal judge type booth on the lines, but you need guys to break up scrums while the refs make sure they can see everything happening to call the right penalties.

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