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Devils take in more than $30M during Stanley Cup run


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NEWARK — The Devils poured close to a quarter-million beers since the Stanley Cup playoffs began.

They sold 22,925 hot dogs and 16,388 pretzels. At Saturday night’s game alone, the Prudential Center’s Acela Club moved 54 pounds of alligator steak.

It’s been a good spring for the Devils and the Prudential Center they call home. And while Monday night’s loss to the L.A. Kings dashed the hopes of thousands of fans, the Stanley Cup Finals brought $32.3 million in additional revenue to Devils’ coffers, according to a Star-Ledger analysis of playoff revenue.

For a team fending off bankruptcy with each slapshot, the money could not have come at a better time.


The biggest chunk of playoff money came from ticket sales to the 11 sold-out home games. The Devils sold $26.2 million in tickets during the postseason, according to the review. Concessions brought in another big piece with the Devils selling $3.75 million in sundries. Sponsors kicked in $1.1 million to the Devils’ bottom line during playoffs. Devils merchandise also gave the team an influx of about $1 million worth of jerseys, T-shirts and hats.


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That's certainly good news. I'd be curious to see what kind of revenue CAA pulled in during deep playoff runs just for the sake of comparing each building's revenue potential.

Also nice to see:

According to documents provided by the team, the playoff run brought $3.7 million to bars and restaurants in Newark, the equivalent of 35 jobs, and $217,000 in added personal income to city residents.
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Dont forget the 1,600+ new season ticket holders and 95% SH retention rate we've got going on at this early stage, too!

It may not be out of the question to see a record amount of sellouts next season! The Rock and the surrounding area are truly becoming a destination and event.

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New Jersey needs to ride this momentum with a productive offseason. Signing Parise and maybe another winger would be in their best interest.









Younger Guy

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