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Gave up coffee in favour of tea.

Am living on salad and fruit, too damn hot for anything else.

I've never had a bagel. I see them with cream cheese and smoked salmon and think 'yum' but I've never actually had one.

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There's a deli down the street from me that makes an amazing cream cheese and taylor ham sandwich on a lightly toasted bagel. When a friend of mine first told me about it I was definitely not feeling it but then she bought me one (hey, I'm not gonna turn down a free meal!) it was soooooooo good!

Damnit this thread is making me so hungry!

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Not the Motown Deli..... theyre soooooo expensive...*as he takes another bite of his Italian sub* :rolleyes:

Ever heard of Pronto's? It's right outside of Morristown, in Cedar Knolls (where I actually live...yet since no one has ever heard of it, I always say I'm from either Mo'town or Morris Plains because Cedar Knolls is sandwiched right between those two towns, :lol: )

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One of my best friends lives in CK... off Malapardis? I dont know where the deli is though..

The deli itself is off of Ridgedale Ave., which I live off of as well. I'm pretty much at the edge of Cedar Knolls, because if you take Ridgedale Avenue all the way down then Mo'town starts up pretty damn quickly. If you go up my street and make a right on to Juniper, Malapardis road is right there as well, so I guess you could say I live off of Malapardis as well, heh. And yeah, at the end of my street there's a walking path to Malapardis park (where there's also a roller hockey rink too ...ehh, moreso converted from tennis courts, but still, it's not that bad).

Sad thing is, that paragraph just explained the entire town of Cedar Knolls, it's really THAT small :ph34r:

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My favorite part about Cedar Knolls (when I was about 12 or 13 years old) was this little joint called the Sweet Shop, it was kind of like a diner, kind of like a soda shop, and also kind of like a deli. It was pretty much the spot for everyone to hang out when we were younger, I remember always riding my bike there after school and meeting up with my friends to have pizza fries or gravy fries (mmm they had SUCH good gravy fries there) and a soda. We'd stay there for hours sometimes, I remember a couple times when our mothers would actually end up coming down to the place to yell at us for missing dinner and eventually not have enough time for homework (we'd stay until closing sometimes...damn!)

Unfortunately they closed it down a couple years ago and since then no store that has replaced it has ever lasted. I think the spot has been through at least 5-6 stores by now, it's crazy. Right now I think it's a nasty bagel shop? My brother got a bagel from there once and nearly puked, it was THAT bad...

Have you ever heard of Fat Moose Comics? The Sweet Shop used to be located RIGHT next to it, well, until TSS went out of business and Fat Moose moved to Whippany, heh...

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Wow I'd love a big ass steak... 

that's a new cut by the way ass steak!  :rolleyes:   I am beyond all hope!

I understand that quite tender :rolleyes: But PK you havent lived 'til you have one of theirs I dunno Its aged but then the charboil it..... :wub: I been having their 24oz since it was $9.95 its now up to $18 :evilcry:

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but what if I hate it? I'm sure I wouldn't. but sometimes I feel kind of cranky even if I have the money... I just get this self-righteous I shouldn't have to pay $18 for something my husband makes 10X as well!

I'm hungry now! I'm ready to just tell my husbadn we're going up there this very second! Or maybe I'll just make him fire up the grill! STEAK STEEEEEEEAK!! STEAK! I WANT STEAK!! NOW!


what the hell is my problem?

you know and with that little display I've kind of rather reduced Scott Stevens to a steak too... I mean I was just yearning for him not a 1/2 hour ago in much the same fashion ... ok... I STILL am -- but steak will do I guess... :saddevil:

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