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Lakers win in OT


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What a dumb play by that dude, what's his name, the one wearing that plastic thing on his face. Hamilton or what? It would've been great if the Pistons had taken a 2-0 lead in the series with the next 3 games on their home court (if they could get 2 out of 3 home games, they would've sealed it). Blah...

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This was as brutal a loss as you'll see in any sport. The Pistons had the game won. Why didn't they foul there? The Lakers never would have been able to get off a three to tie it. Instead, not only didn't they foul but they had the wrong defender on Kobe. Hamilton backed off him too much there. If they put Prince on him, he might have blocked the shot. He has more length and is a better defender.

It's ashame they lost like that. Can they recover?

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Can they recover?

I'm afraid not. The only chance they had at the trophy was IF they won games 1 and 2 and won 2 games on their home court. I doubt they can do the job at this point. If it had been any other team against the Pistons, I would've said it was possible, but since it's the Lakers (and we know the love relationship they have with the refs), I'm gonna say that I don't think the Pistons stand a chance. Not after losing a game that was 99.9% in the sack.

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Why didn't they foul there?

Questions questions... ahhh, why didn't they indeed. Maybe it was an agreement between the two teams? Maybe it's just a show NBA is putting on to make games exciting, since they really are one-sided... Maybe game 1 was all about acting too. Maybe this, maybe that. We'll never know. But it was a dumb strategy, regardless of whether it was intended to result in a loss or not.

Did I say I hate Jack Nicholson even more? I always had an antipathy for that guy, and he just doesn't get any better... argh.. what an arrogant dumb*ss.

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