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Taormina signs with Lightning

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Our Dmen usually succeed when they leave.

Ones that have made the club and stayed up for a period of time i.e. Rafalski, Niedermayer with Martin and Oduya to a lesser extent.

LeBlond, Fraser, Eckford, are just some recent names off the top of my head that got time here and did not work out (or has yet to be seen) in other places.

I like Taormina and he has a decent skillset, but I don't think his loss hurts our depth (we still have that) nor would I bet on him succeeding elsewhere. One issue with our fanbase is our constant (we all do it) overrating of our own prospects. I wish him the best and harbor nothing ill at all towards him, I just don't consider losing him a loss of any consequence. We could have easily re-signed him and chose not to, so I trust Lou and whomever else made the decision on this. The Lightning are giving him a chance, but Id be stunned if he was playing in the NHL this year, at least not until Salo gets hurt. The fact that Tampa only gave him a one year deal says a lot for what he was worth. He was at best a plug in terms of a trade asset, if even that.

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Perhaps he was under the influence of adult beverages, and there was no one to tell him not to press the send key?

Please let's be a bit more forgiving, or just ignore this outbursts. I mean, that is why you are on this board and not one which is truly inhabited by actual morons.

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