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How to use the "ignore member" feature

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(EDIT: Click on each picture to view it as full-size. For those of you with smaller screens, I apologize if the page scrolls way off to the right. I forgot that this version of the board software doesn't quite handle image resizing correctly.)

NJDevs has a feature that allows you to filter out posts by certain members and/or block PMs from them. It does not affect posts where they're quoted by other people, though, and it does not hide threads they start.

How to place someone on ignore:

1.) Up in the top right hand corner of the board, where your username is displayed, click on the downward-facing arrow. A menu will pop up; click on "Manage Ignored Users".


2.) The "Manage Ignored Users" section of your profile settings will then load. This will allow you to add users to your ignore list. It also displays any users you already have ignored.

To add a user to your ignore list, enter their username in the "Member's Name" box. As you are typing, the board will display members whose names match what you've typed so far. Also, check the boxes for ignoring posts and PMs according to your preference. Press "Save Changes" to continue.


3.) The user you have just added will appear in the list along with anyone previously added. If you want to remove someone from the list, click on "Remove" at the end of the row containing their name. You can click on "Yes" and "No" in the "Ignore Posts" and "Ignore Messages" to change those options individually.


4.) All posts from the users you have placed on ignore will be hidden, but you will have the option to override this on a post-by-post basis.


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But Rowdy CAN NOT be ignored!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!

  • Manage Ignored Users

You cannot ignore that member

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