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You are over looking the simple fact that criminals will always have guns. Always. End of story. I want to be able to defend myself legally god forbid I ever encounter a situation like that.

Obviously, there are grounds where they definitely shouldn't be permitted. Sporting events, most office workplaces. But if I'm on my own time, doing my own thing going to the grocery store, heading back to my car in an empty mall parking lot, you bet you behind I want to be able to defend myself. Even if I choose not to, if it was allowed, the potential criminal would not know if I was armed or not. Just the fact that I MIGHT be armed defends myself in a lot of situations.

Perhaps, only allow guns that can fire 1-2 shots max.

That said, I am for the harshest penalties possible for people that go off the deep end. Unlike Norway, I believe, where the man who shot up school children is detained to a 'jail' apartment for 20 years.

I'm not suggesting any restrictions on where you should or should not be able to take a gun. I'm only saying that there' many places where the no matter what gov't regulations(or lack of) will mean you can carry your weapon in there. So I don't understand where you standing outside with a gun, helps a person inside being shot.

Also, criminals will always have guns, mostly true. But if it's harder to get guns, supply will dwindle and prices go up. I explained this clearly quite difficult concept earlier in this thread, but the basic point is that less legal guns=less criminals with guns. Most guns used in crimes started as legally purchased weapons, therefore it is easy to speculate that if there is less legally purchased guns, guns will be harder to find second-hand which is where the illegal gun is born.

Also "jail apartment", nice condescending tone towards a country that seriously lacks the type of gun crime America does and provides a prison system, not run by private interests that are only concerned with how many inmates are there and how much crappy office furniture they can force them to make while being paid pennies. The prison system was not meant to house the amount of people it does today in the US and was not designed to keep people imprisoned for a lifetime or lifetimes. It's supposed to be a place where you separate those who are dangerous and rehabilitate them into being a productive member of society. This does not happen in US prisons. In the US, you go to prison for drug possession and you come out knowing that next time to you need drugs, there's a million illegal ways to get the funds to do so. The US prison system is a joke.

There's evidence that training time and proficiency at training doesn't tell you anything about how well someone will handle a gun in a real life situation. Having live fire going off around you is too different and fear inducing to simulate or prepare for in a training environment.

That just even further proves my point that more people with guns does not make any situation safer.

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