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Summer Hockey Twitter Topics


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Because its the offseason and endless CBA, Parise, and Flyer/Rangers transaction talk is frankly depressing this little ditty appeared as a trending topic this morning on Twitter.

Fair Warning: Topic at minimum is rated PG-13/R and might be NSFW although there's zero pictures but its hillarious.


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dude -- she doesn't choke - that's the point. He can't rise to the occasion. Making a woman choke on your big thrusting cock is powerful to a man, right? (oh dear, I hope that wasn't offensive :unsure:<_<) Luongo can't keep it hard - the dude who tweeted someone else has to finish was on the mark.

So many of those tweets are trying so hard to be funny about what a player does to a woman, they miss the hysterical failings of the men they're razzing.

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Breaking an epic dry spell that was so memorable that people will talk about it for years...then following it up with another dry spell - The Rangers franchise

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