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Twitter anyone?

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While I don't have a Twitter, my podcast does if you want to give it a follow. @devscast for those interested. We're quiet now but we pick things up nicely when the season starts. I'll keep an eye on the notifications and re-follow when I see it.

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I was shocked to read about that. I still haven't seen anything about what actually happened to him.

not to take over this thread with this but he was in really bad shape lately. I designed stuff for him and joey cape in the past and i know people in that scene and its been 2 weeks that joey was really worried about him, in mtl they went to an after party after their show and Joey sent the tour manager put tony to bed at the hotel cause he was in really bad shape mentally and physically, he was on pain killers for his herniated disc in his back and had shoulder problems too so at first i was thinking overdose of booze and painkillers or wtv but he was in bad shape for awhile so i dont know really...

im still can't believe it... i got a Tony Sly 1970-2012 tattoo last night. i was that big of a fan

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Not sure if shameless self promoting is allowed (if not feel free to delete) but don't forget you can always check out @grungereport, where sometimes I report news about great 90s grunge/alternative bands.

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I still think one of the admins should make a twitter for NJDEVS to help get more attention to the website.

I think I agree.... I tried for a while to do it but it is hard to have 2 twitters

I will discuss with DM

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