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Twitter anyone?


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mine is @newjerseydamo

Aussie who follows Devils/Chargers/Yankees, will add everyone on the list shortly, just in the process of changing jobs so got some paperwork and budgeting to do. Means I can visit again during the 2013-14 season :)

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Glad to have you here man! If you don't mind me asking, how did you become a Devils fan?

Thanks for the welcome. When I started university, I started playing hockey for the team having never played before. I needed a jersey and just remember seeing the Devils' jersey and loved it. Got myself online to look through as much Devils history and videos as I could and now follow the team as much as the soccer team I grew up supporting.

There are a few Devils supporters over here :-)

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I have no idea how to tweet and really have no desire. What is the point -- do you just send little blurbs out into space? Like "had ice cream think #scottstevens is cute" Like that? Is it more interesting than... a message board or Facebook or something? It seems like you have ot be real time and that's a HUGE pain in my ass. I text people :noclue: Tweeting seems like taling to ones self and finding out someone else is listening. Thats actually kind of traumatic to me.

Do I have it wrong? Sincerely - I dont know what it's like. I can see why bloggers woudl do it. but regular people I'm not sure I see the value.

I just looked up online what the hell the point of a hashtag is... seems amazingly stupid -- I HATE when people use it on facebook. Dear lord am I officially an old fogie? I've never REALLY been one before...

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