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2012-13 Prospect Thread


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I'd love to hear someone like Jas0n MacIsaac or any of the other people here that get to follow prospects chime in on this. I've only seen Merrill play a handful of games last year between the WJC and Michigan and just Trouba in the most recent WJC. I don't feel qualified to compare them based on viewings that limited but I'd say both their ceilings are really high with Trouba more likely to get there.

I have seen a lot of Trouba and Merrill because I have watched ever Michigan game the last 3 years. In my opinion they are both going to end up being solid NHL players, but Merrill is going to be a much better all around defenseman that can anchor a blueline.

Trouba looks to me to be very similar in style to someone like Del Zotto. He can put up some points and every once in a while he makes some good physical plays, but he gets caught out of position to much to be relied upon for big minutes. That could change with coaching and if it does that would make him a good bet for at least a mid pair defenseman or better, but that is a pretty big if.

Merrill, on the other hand, is an absolute wizard with his stick. It seems like he has range like Chara at times because players just can't get around him without him breaking up the play with a good stick check or blocking the shooting lane with perfect positioning. On top of his great stick work, he is also very well suited to QB a powerplay because he makes very good decisions with the puck knowing when to dish it and when to shoot it. He does a very good job of getting shots through to the net as well. On the negative side, he really needs to work on foot speed because on those occasions where he does make a bad decision, he has a hard time getting back in the play in time. He also doesn't use his size as much as he could. I'm not sure of his exact size, but he definitely has more than enough size to warrant some additional physical play, but i'm sure Scotty can work on that one with him. I would say he is almost a lock for mid pairing spot, and if his offensive abilities can translate possibly a top pairing guy. I hate to use another Ranger player as a comparison, but I could see Merrill being similar to Ryan McDonagh.

Overall I would say Trouba has a higher offensive ceiling but with noticable defensive drawbacks while Merrill has the potential to be a big time minutes eater who can produce some good offensive numbers as well.

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Friday 1/11


Blainville-Boisbriand lost to Halifax 4-2

Stefan Matteau LW: E, 1 Shot, 0/1 Faceoff


Sarnia lost to Kitchener 5-1

Reid Boucher LW: -3, 4 PIM (Interference on Goalie x2)

Ben Thomson LW: E, 2 PIM (Cross Checking)


Swift Current defeated Prince Albert 3-1

Reece Scarlett D: +3

Graham Black C: Goal, Assist, +1* 1st Star

Black breaks a 6 game goal-less drought. Also 1st back to back point games since 12/16-18 and he has tied his goal output from last year (17).

Kelowna defeated Tri-City 6-3

Damon Severson D: +1


Michigan lost to Alaska 5-4

Jon Merrill D: Assist, E, 1 Block

Minnesota defeated Alaska-Anchorage 4-3

Seth Helgeson D: -1, 2 PIM (Elbowing), 3 Shots, 1 Block

Wisconsin defeated Minnesota State 4-3 (OT)

Joe Faust D: Goal, +2, 1 Shot

First goal since 10/22/2011 vs. North Dakota!

Ohio State defeated Ferris State 3-1

Curtis Gedig D: E, 1 Shot, 3 Blocks

Miami lost to Northern Michigan 2-1

Blake Coleman C: E, 2 Shots, 1 Block, 7/17 Faceoffs

Michigan Tech lost to Minnesota Duluth 1-0

Blake Pietila LW: E, 2 PIM (Interference)

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Hockey Prospectus Midseason Top 50 Drafted Prospects (Merrill is at 34)

Saturday 1/12


Sarnia defeated Ottawa 5-1

Reid Boucher LW: 4 Goals (1 PP), +2* 1st Star

Season: 43 GP 35-22-57 +13 38 PIM

Windsor lost to Belleville 4-3 (SO)

Ben Johnson LW: Assist, E, 2 PIM (Hooking)

Last 5 games: 5 goals, 2 assists

Owen Sound defeated Kingston 7-0

Artur Gavrus RW: E


Swift Current defeated Calgary 4-3

Reece Scarlett D: Assist (PP), E, 2 PIM (Tripping)

Graham Black C: Goal, -1* 1st Star

Last 3 games: 2 goals, 2 assists

Kelowna lost to Vancouver 4-3 (OT)

Damon Severson D: +1


Michigan lost to Alaska 4-1

Jon Merrill D: Assist (PP), -1, 2 Shots, 3 Blocks

Minnesota defeated Alaska-Anchorage 7-1

Seth Helgeson D: +1, 14 PIM (Roughing x2, Misconduct)

Wisconsin defeated Minnesota State 2-1 (OT)

Joe Faust D: -1, 2 PIM (Hooking), 1 Shot

Ohio State lost to Ferris State 3-1

Curtis Gedig D: -1, 1 Shot, 2 Blocks

Miami tied Northern Michigan 3-3

Blake Coleman C: -1, 2 PIM (Interference), 3 Shots, 2 Blocks, 3/10 Faceoffs

Michigan Tech lost to Minnesota Duluth 5-4

Blake Pietila LW: -2, 1 Shot

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Sunday 1/13


Blainville-Boisbriand defeated Cape Breton 7-0

Stefan Matteau LW: DNP (Devils Camp)

Season: 35 GP 18-10-28 +19 70 PIM 14.88 SH% 3.46 SH/GP 44 Hits 50.4 FO%


Windsor defeated Oshawa 3-1

Ben Johnson LW: Goal, +1

Season: 42 GP 12-9-21 -10 18 PIM

6 game point streak: 6 goals, 2 assists

Kitchener defeated Niagara 5-3

Ben Thomson LW: +1

Season: 42 GP 8-8-16 -9 90 PIM

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Just watched the Miami-Wisconsin game. Fantastic game, Wisconsin extended their unbeaten streak to 11 games with a late goal in the 3rd for a 1-0 win. I was way too tired to take notes but I'll give a few quick thoughts. Regarding Faust, I have a hard time seeing him even being offered a contract after next season when he graduates. The only time he stood out at all during the game was in 3 defensive miscues that could've led Miami to scoring the first goal. He's a junior who still plays on the bottom pair and doesn't play special teams so the writing is on the wall.

Coleman was invisible for the most part except for a few good shifts in the 3rd. I noticed that on the line chart he seemed to be centering the 4th line instead of the 3rd line and it certainly seemed like he didn't get much ice time. Not sure the reasoning behind this since he seems to be having a fine season. I'll be keeping track of this to see if this is permanent or if they are shuffling the line up a bit. It wasn't his best game but he showed all the things we knew about him - tough, physical, goes to the front of the net, loves to shoot, not so great at faceoffs.

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Friday 1/18


Sarnia defeated Erie 7-6

Reid Boucher LW: 2 Goals, +1, 2 PIM (Goalie Interference)

Windsor defeated London 5-2

Ben Johnson LW: Assist (PP), E, 2 PIM (Hooking)

Kitchener defeated Brampton 4-3 (SO)

Ben Thomson LW: -1

Owen Sound defeated Kingston 5-4 (SO)

Artur Gavrus RW: E, No goal in SO


Kelowna defeated Spokane 4-2

Damon Severson D: E, 2 PIM (Tripping)


Michigan defeated Lake Superior State 6-4

Jon Merrill D: E, 1 Shot, 1 Block

Minnesota defeated North Dakota 5-1

Seth Helgeson D: +2, 6 PIM (Cross Checking, Roughing x2)

Ohio State lost to Northern Michigan 4-2

Curtis Gedig D: -1, 1 Shot, 1 Block

Miami lost to Wisconsin 1-0

Blake Coleman C: E, 1 Shot, 3/8 Faceoffs

Joe Faust D: E

Michigan Tech defeated Bemidji State 4-0

Blake Pietila LW: 2 Goals (1 PP), Assist, +2, 6 Shots

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Saturday 1/19


Kitchener lost to Barrie 6-3

Ben Thomson LW: Goal, E

Owen Sound defeated Belleville 4-0

Artur Gavrus RW: E


Swift Current defeated Regina 2-1

Reece Scarlett D: Assist, +1* 1st Star

Graham Black C: Goal, +1

Kelowna defeated Vancouver 5-3* 19 Straight Home Wins

Damon Severson D: +1, 2 PIM (Interference)


Michigan lost to Lake Superior State 3-2

Jon Merrill D: E, 4 PIM (Roughing, Holding the Stick), 1 Shot, 3 Blocks

Minnesota tied North Dakota 4-4

Seth Helgeson D: -2, 1 Shot

Ohio State lost to Northern Michigan 3-2

Curtis Gedig D: Goal (PP), -1, 6 Shots, 1 Block

Miami defeated Wisconsin 2-1

Blake Coleman C: +1, 2 PIM (Hooking), 1 Shot, 3/11 Faceoffs (Still listed on 4th line for some reason)

Joe Faust D: E

Michigan Tech tied Bemidji State 2-2

Blake Pietila LW: Goal, +1, 4 PIM (Unsportsmanlike, Slashing), 5 Shots

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jesus christ Reid Boucher with 2 shorthanded goals today 39 goals total this year in 45 games.

ah they took one goal back and got an assist instead... so 1g 1 a

Yeah, I had to verify that. Amazing. I know he's older than a lot of the competiton, but numbers like that have to translate into professional success.

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