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Question for FIOS people

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Colin: No, my DVR was something like 70 or 80 GB, if I remember correctly. But storage capacity was never the problem for me.

The DVR I had was VERY slow to respond -- so much so that I would think it didn't register the command, so I would enter the command again, or maybe even three or four more times, and then suddenly ALL of the commands would register at one time, at which point I would be deep in a menu I didn't want. Also, setting up repeat recordings was tremendously tedious compared to my TiVos. And in terms of hockey, I could set it up to record an individual Devils game, or I could set it up to record all NHL games, but there was no way to set it up to record all Devils games, but ignore other NHL games. Worst of all, it was not smart enough to resolve recording conflicts on it's own. For example, if the TiVo sees that I have too many programs scheduled in one timeslot, it will (without any prompting from me) look for other airings of those programs and reschedule my recordings accordingly. The FiOS DVR just popped up an error message saying there was a conflict and left it up to me to figure out what to do about it. And finally, it simply was not reliable. It would simply not record something, for no apparent reason, on a fairly regular basis.

These were all problems that were widely discussed online by other users at that time. Newer boxes may be performing better, I don't know. I just know that I will never trade my TiVos for a Verizon DVR again. (I only did it at the time because I got the Verizon DVR free for 6 months - but I only kept it for 4 because I couldn't take it any more.)

BTW, the TiVo is programmable via any internet connection, be it a computer, iPad, or smartphone.

(Just to be clear, I'm not trying to sell TiVos. I'm just giving my opinion on the various aspects of the Verizon FiOS service.)

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For what it's worth, I've went from Cablevision to FIOS to DirecTV, and DirecTV is by far my favorite of the three, plus you get pretty much all the games in HD (including the overflow). If you're so inclined, I would give them consideration as well as FIOS.

Why is DirecTV your favorite?

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