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Forums updated...Quite unfamiliar...


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Welcome to the new forum software. Our old version was almost 6 versions out of date but I didn't want to upgrade during the season because of the expected hours downtime.

Lots of new features

such as calendar import and export, it should help when the NHL decides to play a game again.

You can change the color of the skin by clicking the paintbrush in the top right corner of the screen. I am still working on the skins, and we might even change it again.

I also ask that you go through the skin sets in the waaaay bottom of the screen and change "themes" to see what you like best.

If you see anything odd let me know! We are also trying to track down that damn Database error issue still.

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Fancy. I can't seem to get the "change themes" button to work, though. It just takes me to the top of the thread and doesn't change anything.

Edit: Also, I guess the forum decided my Facebook profile picture is going to be my new avatar? OK then. Enjoy my pretty face till I find a new one :P

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This skin gets a little ugly when the window is small, see how the account information area (search, messenger, notifications, etc...) moves down below the header image. I like the way the account information area in the regular ipboard theme works.


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