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Great column by Jeffery Lupul

David Puddy

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Now, it would be completely ignorant of me to dismiss the fact that certain franchises are struggling financially. We all know this. The NHLPA has acknowledged this, and we are willing to make changes to help this group of teams -- but only this group of teams. We have no problem helping struggling franchises, but we also need revenue-sharing help from some of the "big market teams." A reduction in player salaries, without more, provides additional income to all the teams. In a league with record-setting revenue, there is certainly a solution in distributing revenue among struggling franchises. That solution will not be to take it all back from the players, this time around.

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I think the point he makes is a really good one. If the impetus behind the lockout is the help the small clubs survive, the solution should be more precise. With the proposed paycut, the Rangers, Habs, Leafs, etc. are going to make more money on the backs of the players.

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Thats exactly the problem there's like 8 owners controlling the whole thing from what i heard, especially Jeremy Jacobs.

This whole thing should be like taxes really, everyone pay taxes and it goes in one pot and that money is distributed where its needed. But if you're a doctor making $250,000 a year you're obviously paying more taxes than the videostore clerk who struggle to pay his bills. It should be like that with the NHL teams too.

I mean... its so common sense its super frustrating to know its just those guys holding up the whole hockey world and they don't even have to its purely out of greed and they use the "struggling teams" excuse to get more money for themselves, its ridiculous.

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