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Five Questions: DeBoer discusses first season in NJ

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This is a three-parter: You hold a law degree from the University of Windsor, so I have to ask, why did you get one, how have you used it, and do you have any plans to use it in the future?

"All good questions. I got a law degree because it was an area that always interested me and I actually had the opportunity of working in a criminal-law firm one summer, working in an in-house legal department, and it was very rewarding. I can tell you I use my law degree, I feel, on a daily basis even though I don't practice law. I really believe coaching is about convincing players why they should be doing something and making a case for that. It's something I use all the time and it's something that has been invaluable in my coaching life. Will I ever practice law? I doubt it, other than informally as a coach, but I enjoyed my three years at law school and I feel I use the degree daily."

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