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Devils 2012-2013 Rock Intro Song Ideas?

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Since everyone has differing musical tastes, I think the best way to go would be some sort of instrumental. This is why Yanni was such a good choice. Also in the playoffs they should keep that Nine Inch Nails song that sounded like Darth Vader trying to beat-box before the game started. That was badass.

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Japandroids just has good energy and pretty good fitting lyrics

But you have to realize that is just your personal music taste. I listened to the song you posted and I can't really get into it, and I'm sure there are many others. Not knocking your musical preferences, just pointing out that songs with distinct vocals are usually divisive and some people will love it while some people will hate it. I like old school metal and 90s rock, but not everyone else would enjoy hearing some Iron Maiden or Rage Against the Machine before each game. Yanni and the Nine Inch Nails instrumental they used for the playoffs are both pretty universal because they don't have vocals.

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I can't watch this on my phone. But I hope its the first track from the album. I was going to say that should be the intro

It's Track 2, Super-Charger Heaven, often mistakenly called Devil Man. Electric Head 1 is badass too, but I've always thought SCH would make the ultimate Devils intro.

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