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signature, number of posts, etc


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On all the other boards here I have been able to turn sigs on and off. Cannot find toggle switch.

I used to be able to state how many posts per page to view. I used to have mine set to 40.

There are other little things I cannot find. I will start to keep track of them. Maybe they are different in this version or maybe they aren't available. I don't know. Help please.

ETA: Moderating team list incomplete.

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ETA: Moderating team list incomplete.

I'd have to double-check, but I think the only ones that are missing are the chat mods who don't also have a role as a forum moderator.

From the developer, posts per page is gone for good

Boo. Like Dew, I had mine set to 40. Makes it easier to breeze through longer topics like the GDTs. However, I suppose it's probably easier on the server to only have to provide 20 posts at a time, even if it results in more pages being served.

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