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Hurricane Sandy

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Im honestly at a foot of snow in Manchester....no joke. This is unreal, I was looking at the weather models yesterday and told myself we are gonna get a lot of snow. The forecasts on tv were completely off which is a shame because a dusting to an inch of snow is now 10 plus inches.

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Hope everyone is keeping safe now with Athena adding salt to the wounds of our state

Same here. Hopefully everyone that needs to be in a shelter or at a family/friends place is doing it. I'm fortunate enough that my grand aunt was able to put me up for a few days since her place has a generator. I was staying in my house but ended up getting sick and realized I should stop being a stubborn fool and move to a place with heat. Hoping that JCP&L can finally turn my power on this weekend. The lack of communication and reliability on their part has been frustrating, especially after there poor service during Irene and the freak snowstorm last year.

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