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2013 WJHC


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I had DVR'd the live broadcast of yesterday's game, so I purposely avoided all sports news yesterday, including my FB news feed as well as this site, just so I could come home and watch the game without knowing the outcome. But unfortunately my DVR stopped recording the game an hour into it, so I had to stay up to watch the replay on NHL Network at 10:30 p.m. It was tough avoiding the constant news scroll, which showed the final score, on the bottom of the TV screen, but I managed to do it.

Great win! That little Gaudreau guy from Carney's Point, N.J.,has been lighting it up lately. I wonder how South Jersey manages to produce all these talented hockey players compared to North Jersey.

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Watching the US play really reminds me of watching the Rangers, similar defensive system cloaging the font of the net with 3 guys and everyone blocking shots, with some opportunist goals here and there. USA's offensive is more dynamic than torts system tho

Edit: this is not an insult or anything

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Great win this morning! It was an awesome sight seeing the U.S. players and coaches standing shoulder-to-shoulder, arms around each other, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" after receiving their Gold medals.

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