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Any interest in a trivia game?


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Hey all,

It's real boring around these parts - figured a trivia game could spice things up. The variant of trivia I'd like to play is called reverse sheep - here's how it works:

I'll ask a series of questions with multiple right answers (example: Name a team that plays in the Atlantic Division). Your goal is to get the answer guessed by the least number of players. Let's say 10 people entered and:

4 people said the New Jersey Devils

2 said the Penguins

2 said the Rangers

1 said the Flyers

1 said the Bruins

You get points equal to the number of people who answered the same as you, so the people who said the Devils would get 4 points, Penguins 2 points, and so forth. Lowest number of points wins. I think I'll score wrong answers as the number of participants divided by 2, so the Bruins answer would get 5 points.

I'd like to limit this to the first 15 would-be participants because scoring the game is going to be time-consuming. I also think I'll mostly limit the questions to Devils + Atlantic Division type trivia. Interest, or has the lockout crushed us all?

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