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Gamecenter Live Price


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I have a Sony Blu-Ray player with the NHL Vault app... does anyone know if this will play live games?

no, it wont. the vault only plays repeats:


wait no, you linked nhl game center, not nhl vault.
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yea i was on chat support with xbox. they had me re download it, and clear the cache. even after that it wasn't working.. i was about to give up but i tried again and it randomly worked.

No luck, least the site is now working on my laptop. I better get my hdmi cable out :)

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It's very simple: I gave you $50, you give me what you promised: the ability to stream to Xbox.

If not, give me my goddamn money back.

yea it really is a shame..

seriously keep trying though because i'm watching the game right now on xbox... i probably just got lucky

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