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Zajac sign Long Term Deal

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I had been saying for a good year or two that the idea of signing Parise to a long-term deal scared the hell out of me because of his frame size, his game style, and the amount of abuse he absorbs. I'm glad NJ didn't ink him to the deal Minny did.

Travis? Up until last year he had been the franchise's all time iron man. His game isn't built on skills like speed that deteriorate with age. He's smart, he can be used in any situation, he makes his linemates better. I like this deal.

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Zajac's been injured once in his career, albeit a serious and recent injury. And Parise's already less than he was. He's never putting up 94 points again and (this is just my opinion that's probably not based on anything) it doesn't look like he has the deking/moves/shot he had in his first 4/5 years. I remember him scoring pretty goals and last year it was more garbage goals. THough that could just be from the knee recovery and this just might be my bias in remembering some stuff more

You can't say with any certainty that he's 'less than he was' until at least another full season after his injury (the end of this year). He was never going to snap back to the player he was three years ago straight off missing 90% of a year, he's not Adrian Peterson. His overall numbers would have been better last year, except for his horrid first twenty games when he was feeling his way back into the lineup.

Besides, let's not engage in revisionist history, Lou tried to sign him. Marty himself admits it'll be a big loss. He's not just another Gomez or Holik. I'd love for him to win nothing in Minnesota but I do think he has 'some' good years left. He probably won't be worth the contract, but that doesn't mean we won't miss him either.

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