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Hi everyone,

With the resumption of the season thanks to the new CBA many of you are coming back to the forums for the first time since June. There have been a couple of changes as you probably noticed. The major one is the ads and the secondary is the new forum theme necessitated because of a new forum software updates.

We have three main advertising partners, Local, Amazon and AOL Ads. The local ads are actually members of the forums who are running advertising with the benefit of the forums and users. Right now we have Unique photo, MSweet's company, and 1-800lighting.com which is Sundstrom's family owned company (use code NJDEVS10 for 10% off.). I have personally done business with both and I can tell you they know their products so consider using them for all your photography and lighting needs. If you are interested in running your own let me know.

The second, Amazon ads uses a referral system which relies on the link having our name in it. If you could use the websites referral link and give us a referral fee it would be appreciated! The Christmas shopping season was promising but they delay the checks by almost two months. Amazon

And last, the AOL Ads which are the usual web banner ads. If I could ask a favor that you unblock the site from your Ad Block software so we can assume some income from your OCD refreshing of our servers :)

The ads have been doing a good job of providing supplemental income to the bank account of NJDevs.com but we still need donations since it doesn't cover the full cost. The webhost did us a huge favor and reduced the hosting bill for the last two months because of little traffic. That was fortunate because even with the additional ad funds which usually come to half the bill the website has just one month of funds left. I had to let the license for the site software and chat lapse because of low funding.

If you donate or have donated, we have a special group set up that will remove the ads from your viewing experience while you are logged in. If you have donated in the past just message me and I will move you into the Contributor group. If you spend money with any of the ad brokers (local, amazon or AOL) let me know as well.

With "the business side" of the NHL taken care of for at least 8 years, and hopefully the sites funds as well we can worry about just the play on the ice again.

It's been a fun 12 years, looking forward to an exciting season!

Brad "DevilMinder" Smith

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Two or three of you just bought some expensive stuff on Amazon, thank you for using the referral link! Wasn't that a painless way to help your favorite Devils forums?

If you want to be moved to the ad free group just drop me a line, don't even have to tell me the items you got.

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:rant: SUNDSTROM!!!! :rant:

oh... I am sooooooo happy to learn where I can focus my fury now.... a certain lighting store closed down in a certain NJ town leaving us with JACK in the way of weird light bulb suppliers. Not even lowes or home depot. You B@$t@rd!!!! I really hope you weren't the dude who said well you can always drive to Greenbrook blahblahblah grrrrrrr.... or the one who said "Uhh...that's old...why dont you just get a new lamp?"

Oh yes, yes -- I hear it now -- Well just go on line 1800lighting.com and order your weird lightbulb today -- special discount for NJDevs fans!

yes - over 2 years and I'm still smarting from the blow. It was getting kind of smelly at the end there though. This post may make me feel a little better - thank you for that at least.

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Bumping this because nobodies buying on amazon with our referral link. Thanks in advance!

I should be spending some good money on Amazon in the next week or so. I haven't contributed in the past, but I love this place and I'm glad a bit of that money will come back to you.

All I gotta do is make sure I get to Amazon through an ad on here, correct?

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the referring site has to be in the URL address, if it wasn't there I doubt it got counted. Nothing showing on the sold items list.

What should the URL look like? I actually still have the tab up. I had accessed Amazon from the link on top of the screen. Added items, purchased. That's it. I had opened new tabs along the way, but I didn't think and still don't think that would have caused it to open a different url than had it been opened in the same tab.

Either way, I still gotta buy a $400 scanner and some other crap for my office, so you didn't miss out completely if I botched it, lol.

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