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The book showed up PK. I am surprised too, I thought Ebook Kindle and Mp3s didn't count for referrals but they apparently do.



I bought a hardcopy for your profit.  And my husband likes the feel of a good solid book in his big beefy hands.  I am about to buy the sheep book - my husband keeps asking if he can just buy it and I keep saying oh no I bought it already so I can get credit for you!

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I know it's a minor purchase, but I just bought a couple of used out-of-print VHS Easter specials for my kid. At first, I didn't use the NJDevs link. I used a regular link and put them in my shopping cart. Then before checking out, I closed the tab altogether and reopened it using the NJDevs link. Hopefully it registers for you. If it does, then I'll always do it that way.

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If you need a camera we have an amazing deal this weekend.



or come to our fabulous superstore on Route 46 in Fairfield


5% off anything (including stuff already on sale) use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13

In the Camera World that as good as it gets

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