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GDT: New Jersey Gionta @ Montreal Gionta


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One rough period and everyone's throwing sh!tfits. Business as usual at njdevs.com.

Everyone else has lost two games or more in the Devils' division. The Devils are going to lose some games eventually. Hopefully they get it going and make it a game, but it has the look of being one of those nights.

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Just a quick question..

I'm sure others have asked because we're all intelligent people here, but why in the blue fvck did Debor screw with the lines this game?

You're 3-0 and you make changes? Right.

If it ain't broke DON'T fix it!

Because they're still in training camp. Matteau is bouncing between lines for that reason. He'll dress on Tuesday and go back to juniors.

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They really started out with some nice chances and things turned sour quick. Volchenkov got beat bad on the 1st goal and of course Tedenby and Janssen were out there. Then Greene gets beat and Fayne was too indecisive to take away the pass on the 2nd goal. Taking stupid penalties never helps. Still, it's only 2-0 and there are 40 minutes left. Still confident in the Devils.

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"Canadiens love their players regardless of their eth-nith-ticities."

Someone check on Chico, he may have just had a minor stroke.

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