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GDT: New Jersey Gionta @ Montreal Gionta


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Well now we are playing like we want to win..at least get a point.

They're not going to have it going every night, and even with the 3-0-0 start, it's still hard to say what this team is...they're not exactly loaded with forwards.

I know you're one of the big offenders, in that you think every game on the schedule is a winnable entity, and every loss is to be picked apart and all decisions second-guessed, but the Devils are not going to win every game. If anything, I think it's pretty amazing they're even in this one...clearly it's not all clicking for them tonight.

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If you think we look good tonight you're fooling yourself

I think he was more saying that it's insane to say that a team is out when they're only down by two with almost a whole period to play.

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ZUUUUUUBS! Don't count this team out! What a beautiful assist by Patty for point #900

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