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GDT: New Jersey Gionta @ Montreal Gionta


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Tedenby needs to go away. He's rail thin, weak, and has what 1 goal in his past 50 something games? Darche needs to come up. At 6'1 215 I'd imagine he play a much tougher game and is better along the boards.

It's becoming clear Lou will make a Grant Marshall type pickup at the deadline...Brenden Morrow perhaps

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Another really loose and sloppy game but thankfully got one point out of it. I don't understand how this team can come out so flat each game. The majority of them have been playing together a good while now and know what it's all about. Another thank Marty night.

Tedenby looked like he might as well go back to the minors. I like a lot of what he can do but if they don't trust him on the top few lines he can't be out there with Janssen. He gets crushed playing against the big boys and if he makes a play who can he pass to who knows what to do. Janssen is good for the physical games but wasn't really needed last night.

I don't think Greene deserved a penalty at the end, he was getting beat to the outside very similar to Kovy earlier but Kovy earned his two where Cole dove. Still would rather see someone in his spot. This d team looks like they don't know each other at times. Kinda scary but then followed by strong play. Hopefully as the season goes along they get it back to what they're capable. Matteau is fun to watch for the future but let him learn some more back with his club before pushing him too fast. Good potential but why ruin it. Darche will take his place and Henrique can rid us of Tedenby. Hopefully a trade for a winger who can score, cannot rely only on Elias, Kovy and Clarkson.

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sign sykora Larsson came in trade a D a henrique comeback

Try JJ on with kovy and Zajac could pay off too

Apologize for no link, I'm at work and can only access twitter on my phone, I'm sure someone can find the quote and link it for me.

Jesse Spector on twitter retweeted a Syzmon Szemberg @Sz1909_Szemberg "Two-time Stanley Cup champ Petr Sykora, 36, has signed with Swiss SC Bern. Czech mate Petr Sykora, 34, already plays for rival HC Davos"

So no Sykora.

Happy we got a point tonight, I was screaming at my TV all night while watching the game on DVR about how much the team looked like sh!t. I'm hoping we have a much better game against Boston.

With that said. My GDT steak ends at 3-0-1. Now it's someone elses turn to take the reigns, I'm sure I'll get the chance to make a few more later in the season. I look forward to seeing how others create GDT's!

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Well Coorslight you had a great run for the GDT you did a good job and hopefully you'll never make another one this season... means we'll go on a 44 games winning streak lol

I will surely be more then happy to never make one again if that was the cause, but thank you!

It'll be nice to see how some others do their GDT's. I like seeing different ideas...I know my GDT making has come a long way from what it was when I first started. I don't post on HF but I like to peruse some of the GDT makers over there...some of the graphics they create are amazing. I may actually work on creating a default "Devils Lines" graphic that I can easily adjust if lines change.

We'll see, gotta get more ideas first.

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