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GDT: New Jersey DEVILS @ Pittsburgh PENGUINS 1pm


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How come it seems like they force shots into the traffic, but when they walk in in front they try to pass it? It's really frustrating. Both Henrique and Zids have done it and both times it resulted in a turnover.

That being said, great goal by Greene. Pretty sure that was his first since last year's retro night against the Pens.

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He signed for 6, Tallinder was 4.

Everytime I read we have so many NHL defensemen, I shudder. We have a plethora of mediocre guys. Andy greene is really the best d man we have right now. I hope we aren't shopping Fayne becasue they would be a mistake IMHO. I think they should send Adam down and play Harrold. Then move either Volchenkov(preferably to the Flyers) or Tallinder. Tallinder's game hurts in our style, he is a guy that likes to skate with the puck, I think he has more upside at this point then Volch, but Volch's contarct is probably unmovable.

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Larsson has played solid both games so far.

Greene's most trade-able [assuming Fayne is untouchable for us, which is what I'd do]

Volchenkov and Tallinder are both expendable in my eyes, unfortunately, we need the teams with thin defensive units to become desperate, otherwise we wont get much in return.

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