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GDT: New Jersey DEVILS @ Pittsburgh PENGUINS 1pm


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It wouldn't shock me if Salvador was re-signed mainly because they didn't want to make Kovy captain. There was no other candidate on the roster, other than Elias who has said he doesn't want the C now.It makes no sense otherwise given their situation on D now and down the road.

Is that ever how Lou operates? No. Enough said.

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Can't win them all. I kinda expected a loss today I just wish the effort was better. I did enjoy Antons big hit on Malkin.

Hey Colin, pretty sure I saw you during the opening of the game too.

Lol someone else said they thought they saw me.. I was walking around the concourse prior to warmups and this dude with a camera saw me and ran over and was telling me to act amped up on camera.. Hope to make it on TV again for future games

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If Volchenkov gets back to the A-train of old by laying dudes out and pissing people off ala Claude Lemieux like he did in Ottawa he'll be worthy. Stevens must of got in his face or something cause after his benching he did come out hitting. The only thing is he's injury prone so when he starts hitting again expect to miss some time.

...and Larsson is just fvcking clueless right now and should be in the AHL.

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