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GDT 2/3/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders 3PM


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That was a brutal play, he stuck of his hip to try and hipcheck the guy and didn't even get a piece of him. Horrid plays by Larsson are sometimes just forgiven though, it's a function of people wanting him to be great already. I still think he's the 7th best defenseman on the team(which doesn't make him bad).

Also, no goal on the play makes it easy to overlook or forget, another reason why it can be hard to accurately judge a performance, even though we all watched it. A kind of bad play leading to a goal influences our opinion much more heavily than a horrific play that leads to no goal.


I agree with this, people tend to forget / ignore his bad plays cause they wan't him to be what he's supposed to be, but other than his great vision and outlet pass and good stick, i see a lot of holes in his  game that he'll have to work on to get where people want him to be.

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