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GDT 2/3/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders 3PM


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Moose, outstanding game tonight. Honestly thought the only D-man who did his job well tonight was Larsson. Worked hard in our zone and was able to be pretty productive going forward too. Well chuffed for Bernier getting 2 goals, that combination still plays well together; a solid line. Still think we could do with another forward in with a bit of flair. Also...the boy Clarkson getting another point for the season is great, really hard working player and deserves what he got last season and so far in this one. Future C possibly.

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yay win!


Hedberg- made several key saves to keep us in the game and earned a well deserved shutout

Bernier- 2 huge goals

Greene/Larsson- Larsson had a brutal giveaway early on, but settled down real nicely and played tough minutes against the Tavares unit. Greene was his usual solid self and did something we havent seen on the PP: A SHOT

PK- cooled down the "hot" Islanders PP and even sparked some offense. Great effort from everyone who participated

Gionta's embellishment- Gionta milking that call late in the third was huge

Mark Fayne- it shows we sorely missed this guy. Made several nice plays despite playing with Sal


Penalties- lots of lazy hooks, but a few of them were because our defense's speed got exploited

Salvador- Im not sure how we're gonna make it through the next two and half years with this guy. He's slow, often out of position and an offensive black hole. I dont care if he has the leadership skills of George Washington

The lines- Deboer needs to shake up the top 6 because its clear that they cant create any offense.

Refs- I would put them higher, but Gio did sell that call. That interference call against Larsson was horse**** though. Tavares is quickly becoming one of my least favorite players. Between the diving and yapping, it's getting old

Not a perfect performance by any means, but it's nice to snap that losing streak and head into the Rags game with a bit of momentum

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Definitely not the best game but I will take the two points for sure. Fayne was clearly missed and appears to be one of the guys that holds this defense together. Moose was outstanding as well of course. Lou really needs to make a move soon though. I don't know what it is but all of our defensive guys look like they're afraid to make a mistake and are gripping their sticks too hard and are just on edge and of course, that's leading to them making MORE mistakes. I feel like if we move a d-man, maybe they'll settle in more because they won't be out there thinking any mistake will get them out of the lineup in the next one. Or maybe I'm just looking too much into this. I just really hope a move is coming soon. Also, get Barch outta there. His only job is to fight and he can't even do that right, taking an instigator penalty. Keep him on the bench for when we need him (Rangers/Flyers) but don't roll him every night. It would help immensely to be able to roll four lines and NOT have Kovy playing 27 minutes a night.

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Good game. Had to listen to the 1st and 2nd period. Too many penalties. Liked the PK today. PP needs to be worked on more. Moose was great between the pipes. Defense was still slow. I think Lou is up to sumthing soon hopefully hahaha. But thank god for the 2 pts. On to the next one.

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Hmmm, Zidlicky was the first star and Bernier is not even a star. I guess the media left before all the goals for the super bowl.

Stars were changed, they put Bernier in for Zid.

Also, comment on Steve's announcing. I'd just like to have one game where someone "gives chase" 30 times!!

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