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GDT 2/3/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders 3PM


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Way to show up the game immediately AFTER I drive a combined 11 hours and spend several hundred dollars to see them play like crap in Pittsburgh

Oh well, happy they won and that we again dominated PruCenter East in the stands :P

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Andy Greene and Mark Fayne are our best defensemen. I really despise the Greene hate here and on HF. He is last on my list I want traded.

+1 to that and to the A-train hate over his mistake in the PIT game. Players are human, they aren't perfect. Everyone makes mistakes obviously. The difference is that a defenseman's mistake is much more likely to end up in a goal against but being a defensemen doesn't mean you're less human and therefore less likely to make a mistake. Clarkson and Kovy fvck up all the time but they give up a scoring chance and not a goal. If anyone needs to sit for bad play it is Zid.

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What the hell did I just read. I mean it doesn't offend me...nothing really does it's just...oh lemme see people's reactions about the game, how we played, hopefully trade talk....and boom I get this.

Just really random is all. Haha.

Same things come to my mind i was like is it gamethread or i miss something :P

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