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Some of you messaged me overnight about the website not working right. The text editor might have defaulted to off for you. When posting make sure the little switch in the top left corner of the editor is clicked to on. If your typing text is very faint it is currently off.



I had to reset all the website skins because they were not compatible with the new version of the forum software. To be sure you have the latest version of the skins make sure you do a hard refresh (cntrl-shift and R on windows).



Sorry for the messy upgrade!



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is it supposed to be as white as it looks now? are you still working on skin changes or is this it?


furthermore, there used to be a site icon that would display in Firefox tab. That's replaced with default web hosting icon - not sure if anyone cares.

I saw that too, although my bookmarked tab(as opposed to the icon just left of the url) of the forum kept the old icon until just now.
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That icon should show up again, seems the software guys deleted it. If you are seeing a lot of white you might be on one of the other skins. Look in the bottom left corner and see if you are on the Luminous theme.


icon still not showing up and i did clear cache (using firefox 18). icon does show up for chrome though.


i don't have luminous skin option - just IP Board, IP mobile and Light Red


last edit - icon now good but still very white.

Edited by sundstrom
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I've been having some issues with the site not loading or taking a week and a day to load and also, when I try to post, sometimes it will look like it's posting once I hit the "post" button, but then I get nothing, like again, an issue with it loading to the page because it will work if I reload the page and post again. I already clicked the switch that makes the post normal as opposed to the light text thing.

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