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I miss Doc....


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Of course he hasn't replaced Doc, but he's definitely improved since picking up the top position. Not too much "SCARRR" anymore, but still plenty of "LOOSE IN FRONT" and "sharp-angle try". I think he's done an alright job, but definitely doesn't play off Chico as well as Doc did.

I'm still glad we get to hear Doc every once in a while though, even if it's not for a Devils game.

Replaced as in filled-in for his absence. I'm not at all implying that he picked up right in Doc's place.


Flyers swallow is stupid, disgusting, bush league, and embarrassing.

I absolutely agree. And I may be outnumbered here, but I'm not even a fan of the "Rangers Suck" chant unless we are playing them. Like when we were chanting it during the SCF, while losing. Give me a break.
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Could it be that stupid Flyers swallow chant that kills any chance of them boosting the crowd noise?


That has nothing to do with it.  MSG crowd noise (at least at the Rock) just flat-out stinks.  Someone here posted a side-by-side comparison of the crowd noise last year between the MSG broadcast and CBC's when Sykora scored his 5-on-1 goal and it was striking, to say the least.

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Has anyone else noticed Cango starting to use some Docisms? So far this season I've heard one "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" and at least one "BIG DRIVE!"

Yea I have. I forget what I heard him say the other day but it was a "doc only" saying. I was distracted for about 3 min trying to explain why the line was stolen to a friend. I have noticed Chico and Steve are both off. I forget who it was in the TB game when they were on the PP. Possibly Purcell, but Steve called him St. Louis like 5 times when St. Louis wasn't even on the ice.


As far as the sound goes I do have a hard time hearing doc on the NBC broadcast and I never have before. The rink sounds and crowd overwhelm his voice.

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The person who isn't worth her paycheck is Sherry Ross. She offers no analysis and has a limited number of phrases such as The Devils have to figure out a way to score, or, The Devils have to put more pressure on xxxxx.

You've got to be kidding me.

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