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GDT:2/10/13 New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins


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This Devils team will go as far as the special teams will take them. Awesome 5v5. With a top 10 power play, this could become one of the best teams that have played in NJ. 


Interestingly, I think there are a lot of ways to get better. I like what Barch has done, he's been the best goon in a long time but JJ is a guy who needs to play with skill players. Tally for a third line winger.


I worry one day the goal tending numbers wills start to trend down because right now they are pretty awesome. 

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Wow, forgot these last three games have been without Zubrus...


Matteau - Zajac - Kovy

Elias - Henrique - Clarkson

Zubrus - JJ - Butler/trade



Of course, you could swap Zubrus and Matteau when needed. Looking through a list of upcoming UFA's, we could trade for. http://capgeek.com/free-agents/?year_id=2013&team_id=-1&position_id=F&fa_type_id=2


Maybe Ribeiro and slide JJ to wing? Jagr, Morrow, Bouchard, Antropov, Gagne, Cleary, Larose... all names I wouldn't mind playing here. I do think Larose would fit well, hopefully the Canes fall out of the race.

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It seems the haters are starting with 'the Devils are boring' sh!t again because we continue to win. And we all know because Parise left, there's no WAY the Devils can win without playing the trap! Lmfao. So enter TG, who obviously knows what's up. I love the bitterness from fans of other teams though, enjoy that sh!tburger I told you was coming a$$holes. Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice

The inability of some people to see the Devils play an aggressive forecheck game -- see Pens trouble in own end in 2nd and third -- amazes.

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Good god in heaven please don't make this a thing.








This team is awesome. fvcking... awesome. The schedule softens up a bit, I really hope we don't hit a lull. We should be able to take care of business the next few weeks, keep the train rolling.


I also hate to say it, but if Parise stayed this season, it might have been the best offensive team to ever skate for the devils... even better than the 2001 team. As it is, we're pretty goddamn dirty.


I've had a thing for Larose ever since the carolina series. Tough gritty player with decent hands. Devils-like player.

Yup. Larose and Zubrus in this system, on the same line? Look out...Or say Larose - Zubrus - Clarkson... that would be hell to play against on the boards in the zone.

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Last night was the first time I really saw the Cup Finalist team - the team that outworked other teams in the corner and kept the puck in the opponent's end with the lead.  There hasn't been too much of that so far this year.


There's still some big issues with this team, but so far they're getting the percentages and playing well to boot.  Just have to go .500 the rest of the way to make the playoffs.


I keep expecting Matteau to have a standard 'rookie game' where his decision-making is poor but he really hasn't had it yet - he hasn't looked out of place with Kovalchuk and Zajac.  It's funny, when he's drafted I think, 'This is the kind of forward DeBoer would love - too bad he's probably 4 or 5 years away from the NHL and DeBoer will probably be gone at that point'.  I like his speed on that line better than I like Zubrus right now.

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Once again they tried to bully us early, but we took the puches and then sufficated them. sweet.  we got caught with their late speed a few times but moose had the ice seriously covered


loved it when malkin took it around the entire zone TWICE, and then we just took it down and scored LMAO


the 20min Kovy > 30 min Kovy!!!     he looked great

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Love how this team weathers the storm.

Clarkson is really a bargain compared to those malkin crosby guys

He certainly is compared to that Parise guy.

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