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GDT New Jersey Devils vs. The Canes 7pm MSG+


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Even if the Canes got all the bounces, that pisses me off even more. because we are a better team than them.


Green, nice penalties ass.  Kovy was FIRE! he's pretty much done the same thing every night, just finally getting rewarded with the points for it. fourth line is still AWESOME. Between Henrique's close deflection, and Butler's close deflection though, my voice box is pretty much shot.




Bring on the fvcking philly pieces of sh!t. I hate waiting 3 days for a game.



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Eh, letdown game, even still they were tied in the third and caught a bad break selling out on a shorthanded chance and not getting it on net, which normally = doom.   Then Volch decided 2 goalies were better than 1 and put it in his own net.


Ward was good for probably the first time this season.

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Some of the brain surgeons over on HF are saying we should scratch Fayne next game for taking the penalty. Lmfao, I swear some people shouldn't be allowed to watch sports without passing some kind of certified exam or something.


Probably the ones that ignore Volchenkov when he's a train-wreck, which he was tonight.   Elias was playing alot of defensive midfield when they were out there at the same time.

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